Grace On You!

In 2003 I was extremely fortunate to be selected one of 25 people who were fluent in Spanish and/or Hispanic to participate in a summer long training to become a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Yes the only Sun we experienced was through the windows of the building next to Poppey’s Chicken on Martin Luther King! We literally OD’d on A & D information!!!

By the end of 168 hours of training 25 mostly Latinos in small quarters it became like a reality show!!! To top it off we were forced to take an oath that we would not drink any alcoholic beverages throughout the training. Even people who never drank or were not in recovery were jones-ing so bad just because they weren’t allowed to drink!!! We later had a reunion titled “I survived 168 hours…” That I know of only about 5 of us went on to become certified! I was very fortunate to be in that group.

I would not trade this experience for anything because from it I was able to develop friendships that have lasted a life time!!! One of them was one of my best friend’s Lafa Baker and another was Eric Martin, M.A.C., CADCIII, CPS, CRM!

I am an Eric Martin follower!!! I call him our “Marijuana Guru” I learned so much from him!!! I learned about the correlation between THC the chemical in Marijuana and Anandamide the chemical we make naturally in our body. How they mimic each other. For instance Anandamide kicks in when we are about to go to sleep at night. Our eyelids get heavy we close our eyes we go to sleep. Some of that is our Anandamide kicking in. As Eric puts it “by 9 pm I am baked on my own Anandamide!” We sleep 6 to 8 hours maybe. We wake up hungry for a big breakfast or coffee or both! When we smoke weed it is much higher in potency than our natural Anandamide so we sleep and our body believes we slept 8 to 10 maybe 12 hours or more! That’s a long time to go without food! So we wake up H U N G R Y!!! It’s not just about coffee and/or big breakfast it’s about the Munchies!!!

I learned that people who smoke chronically (“wake and bake) it doesn’t take them long to run out of money to buy more marijuana hence many times they are compelled to sell it. I learned that weed stands out from all other drugs in that when we sell it there is enough to sell, to use and to make a profit off of it. I learned from Erick that no other drug falls in that category. Therefore people who sell can make up to 1,800 tax free dollars a month! So when we ask someone to give up their weed we are also asking them to give up their income. “You don’t get to get high and you will have to get a job possibly at McDonalds” Talk about a buzz kill!

It may sound like I am joking – but smoking weed chronically hurts the people smoking and the people who love them. We will hear stories how this successful professional person that works in a highly respected profession smokes marijuana regularly and is high functioning! Or how about so and so’s Grandpa who smoked into his late 90’s and lived a long happy life… Or the best one I’ve heard is “It should be legal!”

I also learned from Eric Martin that you steer clear of any controversial subjects because no one wins! Our job is not to change a person’s mind instead to provide information so they can make the best decision for them. Sometimes we simply plant a seed in hopes that it will grow. My mind is now running off on me about “sin-semilla” which means it is supposed to make the best crystally bud! It ain’t no bammer, or schwaag! Okay I think you get where I am coming from!!! It’s all about Grace On You and me and him and her!!!







I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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