What is DMT


Grace On You, L.L.C. in an effort to provide education set out to visit different apartment complexes to see about providing “Understand Marijuana Understand You” a presentation developed to bring compassion to self and others who struggle, know someone who struggles with substance use or the professionals who work with them.

I had the most interesting responses! The first apartment complex I went to offered to post the Grace On You, flyer in their next newsletter!!!

At the second apartment complex -the wonderful young lady shared she is a mother of two ages 2 and 3! And although her children are little people it was refreshing to witness her interest and concern. She asked if I felt “it” was going to become a problem. I shared that my greatest concern is for youth whose brains are still developing and with the law passing to make marijuana use legal the perception is that marijuana is harmless. Statistically it has been proven as perception of harm decreases use increases.

She was wonderful and offered to put up the flyer on their bulletin board “right now!” She also asked me if I knew about DMT. This counselor had heard it talked about by group members but no specifics. So I responded honestly “I don’t know” hence the video. I did say what I am sure of is that it is likely a chemical created in a lab like spice and bath crystals. I am relieved to find out I was partially correct. DMT is tree bark along with other compounds that can cause people to experience hallucinogens that resemble a near death experience. The concern is that they may hear voices telling them to jump off a building or go into the sea and not come back.

I am so grateful that kind and open lady asked because I had the opportunity to learn something new. I was beginning to feel that I was on track to follow my passion to provide information so people can make the best decision for themselves until…

I was received with a “we do not have a bulletin board” at the next apartment complex. When I asked for a business card I was questioned why – I let her know I would like to send her a thank you card for her time and consideration – to which the response “I do not want that.” I thanked her and left.

The last apartment complex the lady invited me to have a seat after I introduced myself as an alcohol and drug counselor who is concerned about the use of marijuana by youth. This person’s response was that she is one of the people that voted for it! She added that she sees way more horrible things with alcohol and there was nothing I could say that would cause her to change her mind about marijuana! My response was ‘Bless Your Heart!” and courteously went to get up. She did say that she really likes people who are activists. I thanked her with my best attempt of a smile as I thought “Really Bless Her Heart!”

Grace On You Everyone!!!

Please note Grace On You will not turn anyone away for lack of funds. And all presentations are available in Spanish too!!!

I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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