The International Festival

The International Festival

Two of the Groovy People I met at this wonderful event! It started off cold and some clouds but that didn’t keep me away from the shaved ice! It was delicious! Followed by a significant sized hotdog! Then my neighbors from Shiba shared their Tasty Asian food with me!!! Oh and the Salvation Army had some delicious apple strudel and bags of chips to help complete the day as the Sun refusing to be left out burst through the clouds.

My posters were a hit. Foods Are Drugs Too, When I quit smoking! Mindful Smoking, THC vs. Anandamide and Is Addict tic tion a Disease (Yes I misspelled Addiction!!!)

People spent the most time reading the THC vs. Anandamide poster. Young people would congregate as a group and whispers could be heard asking what is that??? I just absolutely loved sharing with anyone who would listen (especially the young folks) how THC (the chemical in marijuana) pretends to be Anandamide (the natural chemical we make in our body). How Anandamide kicks in when we are about to go to sleep and our eye lids get heavy! When we smoke some really good poop our eye lids get heavy too!!! So if we smoke enough marijuana, at high levels for a long period of time the body decides “I’m not going to make any more of this Anandamide because at 4-20 I’m going to get some really good poop!” Hence we end up needing the weed in order to go to sleep at night.
Young and old found this information to be fascinating as they shared stories about a loved one who experienced that very same situation. I was asked where I stood on the medical marijuana issue! I responded neutrally in that for people who truly do have a medical condition I believe in Marinol type medications that do not come with the dangers of smoking!

And I emphasized my biggest concern is how marijuana use at a young age has devastating effects on the developing brain! Young and old all agreed!!!

A gentleman shared his story and concerns that his brain is already affected. After exploring he was able to point out some rainbows that have come from his experiences!!!

By the end of day I was parched – most people had canvas covers – Grace On You, LLC is still at its infancy stage so a cover is definitely on the wish list however I was truly blessed to spend the day with many wonderful people!!!

Grace On You Everyone!!!

I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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3 comments on “The International Festival
  1. Juanita Greenway says:

    Guadalupe, what a nice blog. Nice of you to include Rick’s and my photo from the 4th Plain International Festival last Saturday. I like that your photo is on your website. I enjoyed meeting you too. You are doing a real service in your work. Good on ‘ya!


    • Grace On You says:

      Juanita! It was fabulous meeting you!!! Did you go to Hands Across the Bridge? I was hoping to run into you!!! My best to you and Rick Honey and I look forward to the next time we meet!!! I will be at the Recovery Forum on September 20th – I hope to see you there!!!


    • Grace On You says:

      Hi Juanita! I am using a tutorial to learn how to manage my website to help me better respond to my comments!!! I am currently working on putting together a “Mindful Smoking” process to quit smoking using a harm reduction method! If you know anyone who might be interested – not in quitting abruptly- but slowly breaking up with their tobacco use and reconnecting with their healthier version of themselves please share a fun solution to becoming tobacco free is on its way!!!

      As always “Grace On You My Dear Friend!!!”


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