“My Grace Filled Life after Addiction” series by Guadalupe!




This post is created in loving memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman – You will forever live in our hearts.  R.I.P. You will be missed.

My Grace Filled Life after Addiction!

Week One!

Okay – so Much time has passed since my last post!  so Much has happened!!! Looking into the mirror wondering if what is being reflected is my best self.  Wondering where my happily ever after went…the one we are told about…the one that we see others obtain…but appears to elude us…like a rainbow on a rainy day…that we can only see from a distance.  When X, Y or Z occurs I will be happy! The one that for some comes way too late.

After much thought and life experience…after making great and not so great choices the obvious presents itself right before us as we continually strive to make the best possible “we” that we could be…Yes making humongous mistakes along the way…choices that will forever haunt and attempt to quiet and darken the spirit within filling us with sorrow and shame.  Shame filled spaces that weigh the heart down so much that make holding our head up an unimaginable laborious task unlikely to ever take place.  When addiction happens“Shame on me” becomes the motto that we live by. Nowhere has shame become more evident than in having tumultuous childhoods or we are blessed with the disease of addiction that lead us into our own addictions.  Addiction is progressive – as they say in A.A. there are only three ways out and they are – institution, death or recovery.

Recovery is made possible when we find Grace.

The thought from the core occurs that can only come by grace… The grace that comes from our deepest and most valuable belief system that grace abounds us. This Grace has been gifted to us and lives inside us all the while ready to be put into motion…this grace has always been there only we – at times- were too far in the depths of despair of our addictions to notice it…or we believed we were so damaged and as a result had made so many mistakes that the easier belief to grip us was that we are unworthy of such grace. Shame no more! 

Grace Forgives.  Grace Loves.  Grace Gives. Grace Is.   I could go on forever…however if you are fortunate enough to be in touch with the Grace within you – you know what I’m talking about! It’s sweet…it’s moving…and Grace is Our Happily Ever After! 

Grace is – “My grace filled life after addiction” and it can be yours too!

Guadalupe Aragón, BA, CADC1, Certified Transformative Life Coach

Plus Grace heals – which brings us to this week’s share by Doctor Olga Parker! 

I have been honored to go to two of Dr. Parker’s presentations.  The first presentation was on Nutrition and the second was on working with people from Eastern Europe.  Both were excellent training’s that I would highly recommend!!!

I shared the following information with every patient I came into contact with while at Peace Health Southwest and now at Portland Metro Treatment Center.   And while I have shared this information with hundreds of people I have never tried this one on myself. 

Until now!

Liver Cleansing Recipe

2 to 3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil The juice from one lemon

2 cloves of garlic

The juice from one orange


Blend ingredients together. 

Have first thing in the morning on an empty stomach once per week.

Repeat for four weeks.

I put all of this into my NutriBullet and Voilà  it actually tasted delicious!  At least the part I tasted from the blades.  Yes – I could taste the garlic however the lemon and orange juice taste was also present – so it made the garlic bearable.   

I invite you to try it with me! I encourage you to share your experiences here too!  What does grace look like for you?  What helps you get into your Grace Space???  What would your Grace Filled Life look like???

Let’s embrace life by helping each other out to have the best life possible so life within us can win over addiction.  Addiction is taking too many wonderful people – most of us struggle with our own addictions or are touched by a loved ones addiction let’s please pull together and begin affecting the world in a positive way beginning with ourselves.

Thank you so much for visiting www.graceonyou.com and begin living My Grace Filled Life after Addiction too!


I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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One comment on ““My Grace Filled Life after Addiction” series by Guadalupe!
  1. Grace On You says:

    Week one – Day One – I was compelled to make my Liver Cleansing Recipe the day before – since I have to be at work by 5 am and my NutriBullet is very loud – This means the garlic fermented – wow – hence over powered the flavor of the orange and lemon – mental note – Recommendation for next week – do it on my day off… Results thus far – Unable to describe just yet however I do feel oddly better – in a purifying detoxing way! Weird but Good – Thank you Dr. Olga Parker!


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