Recovery Mentor Academy

Recovery Mentor Academy

Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling has generously provided me with a 250.00 scholarship to attend the Recovery Mentor Academy to become a Certified Recovery Mentor!!!  Total cost 350.00 I was already trying to figure out which credit card to use to pay the 100.00 then was pleasantly surprised to see that the remainder 100.00 is being covered by DBHR!!!  Feeling so incredibly fortunate!!!

Update on Mindful Smoking© – Thank you Jolene and Victoria for attending a preview of this life changing process!!!  Greatest feedback is we need to schedule in breaks – I was so overly zealous to share the information that I forgot to include breaks!  Victoria shared that she liked the many activities this process provides.  “We know we need to quit – but what do we do?”  Jolene requested information on Cigars – it has since been added – Most cigars are larger in size (with the exception of the little cigars that resemble cigarettes).  Cigars were not meant to be inhaled but when former cigarette smokers switch to cigars they tend to inhale which causes greater harm. They are not wrapped in paper that breathes like regular cigarettes hence more of the chemicals are taken into the body.  And even if a person didn’t inhale they are at high risk for lips, mouth and throat cancer.

Mindful Smoking© comes with a 21 question pre-test and post-test,at least 10 handouts to engage the client and 10 tangible practices clients can choose from! And Dr. Olga Parker of Modus Vivendi shares it also comes with “a very professional slide presentation” that engages clients to achieve their Grace Filled Life after Addiction! 

Mindful Smoking© has since been presented to a wonderful group of 11 Eastern European gentlemen – and at the advice of Dr. Olga Parker many visuals were incorporated into the power point presentation for patients who require a great effort to read and or write.  Of the five patients who currently use tobacco – all five reached out their hand at the end of the presentation for a 1.800.QUIT.NOW card. Their plan was to call and inquire on nicotine replacement therapies.

I look forward to continuing to serve our community by sharing all that I learn to help the world achieve a Grace Filled Life after Addiction!  Grace on You!


Guadalupe Aragón, BA, CADC 1, Certified Transformative Life Coach, President-elect of the Chemical Dependency Training Consortium of the Northwest!




I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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