Sharing The Wealth!


Sharing the wealth is essential to obtaining a Grace Filled Life after Addiction right?  Yes!  As Joe from Boston reached out to connect in an effort to help himself get his life on the path to sustained recovery Grace On You, LLC was truly blessed to find Hashi Mashi’s words of wisdom to Joe!   

Below is a list of Hashi Mashi’s wonderful recovery plan for Joe.

Guadalupe did separate out one that is especially dear to my heart because it is an amazing place to start!  Other than that I hope you enjoy his words of wisdom and find them to be equally useful to you!!!

“Some suggestions that I wish someone would have made to me 11 years ago when I had lost my marriage, children, career, house, identity:

1.  Get to sleep by midnight. Eleven is better or even ten.

2.  TV will not solve anything.  Neither will junk food.  Neither TV nor junk food will change your body or mind for the better.

3.  Get up at 6, 7 or 8 am so you can go to work.  Your work now is to work on yourself.

4.  Take a walk.  If you can do one push-up start with one 3 times per week and add one whenever you can.  I started with not being able to do one push-up at age 55.  I just did 42 consecutive good form – progress not perfection.

5.  Eat a real food breakfast. Try a vegetable omelet or old fashioned oats with berries.  It’s much easier to feel depressed when we are hungry and we need real food to nourish our body and mind.

6.  Drink water throughout the day.  Lose the sodas, juices and alcohol.

7.  Take a shower and look your best.  Act as if you are improving.  Small changes will yield big results.

8.  Focus on you, not everyone else. Feel and look your best starting today. When the estranged people in your life find you, they will find a new and improved you. Start today. Feel and look your best starting today. 

9.  Do your work in the morning of seeking a job or improve the skills you need to get a job, especially a job you like.

10.  Have a real lunch with real food.  Brown rice and beans is affordable and easy.  Salad and turkey or vegetables and a protein are also a good choice.  Processed foods make you look like a processed person like Jello.  Keep it simple – real food will transform your physique over time.

11. Do strength workout 3 times a week. If you can only do one exercise, I would start with push ups.  If you can do squats, even better, but make sure that you can do squats without weights before trying with. If you cannot do squats yet, start with light dead lifts three times a week. Go up in weight gradually.  Remember good form trumps heavy weight. You don’t need more than 30 min for this type of workout and you don’t need to join a gym.  You just need a simple set of weights.

12. Squats, dead lifts and push-ups will change your body in a way you had never expected.  And you will get stronger in body and mind.

13.  Have a real snack when hungry…blueberries and walnuts, apple and almonds, yogurt and nuts or fruit.  Keep it simple.

14.  Walk, swim, bike a few days a week as well.

15.  Eat light at night, baked potato and vegetable omelet, sweet potato and salmon, beans and a veggie burger if you are a vegetarian.  For more details check out

16.  Talk positively to yourself, you can do it, keep writing on your blog, try to improve a bit every day so you feel you are making progress. In 3 to 6 months, you can dramatically change your body which will go a long way to getting your confidence back up and the more you like yourself the more others will be attracted to you as well.

I hope these ideas are a value to you. Let me know.  I am glad to help!

Hashi Mashi”

Grace On You Hashi Mashi and Joe Boston!  You two are True Blessings on So Many Levels!!!

Guadalupe Aragón, BA, CADC1

Transformative Life Coach

President Chemical Dependency Training Consortium of the Northwest


I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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