Catching my breath from July’s flurry of events!!!

Hi World,

As I was giving Joanne, my great friend whom I refer to as my Tobacco Cessation through Harm Reduction Sister – (because she has an equal and or greater passion than I do about helping beautiful people achieve a tobacco free lifestyle), my update I realize – goodness July was jam packed with love, excitement and change!!!

I am still at Modus Vivendi – however most of my clients have completed successfully so I switched hats to creating a website for Dr. Olga Parker’s agency.  Please check it out –!  I am also still at Golden Dawn Clinic where Dr. Tran is passionate about connecting with our beautiful Hispanic gente in Gresham!  One of the many perks of working with him is his adventurous soul – he took the entire GDC team skydiving followed by a viewing of Jurassic World in 3D!!!  Wow jumping out of a plane changed my entire outlook on life – I strongly recommend doing it at the least once in your life!!! You can visit his website at  And I am still at Cedar Counseling Center where Jaime Chavez continues to be one of the greatest role models for men I know!!!

Perspective is vital in this world and every single one of these positions and individuals I am honored to work with has added to my perspective.  I am so grateful for each patient, each client, each boss, each beautiful individual I have met and will meet!!!  They have all in a unique way molded me into the person I am today!!!

Plus I began a 3 page free write that has increased my ability to be present and opened up my creative mind to a greater degree than ever before!!!  Speaking of creativity – some of the results is my friend Lafa and Trino’s Video and the poem I wrote for them…

“Lafa and Trinidad – Ingredients of Everlasting Love

Your union is a song that hasn’t been sung.

Sing it

Liken to a bell that’s about to be rung.

Ring it

The want that has led you into each other’s arms

Choose it

Began with self love a most mystical charm

Give it

Brings Interdependence – a community of lives intertwined

Sing it, Ring it, Choose it, Give it and

Always and forever kiss each other goodnight”

So start your free writing everyone!!!  I want to know what your free writes bring!!!  I am not kidding you you will tap into the very core of your being!!!

In the works!!!

I am currently “auditioning” with ChangePoint Inc for a position facilitating groups in Beaverton and possibly Vancouver!!!  Gosh –  The young man who teaches the class is a delightful gentleman who is open to my unique work style!!!  It is obvious when a counselor is passionate about what they do and he takes that prize!!! I can’t mention him without mentioning my great friend, role model, sister…Helene Vanderberg!!!  She is the one who connected me to Reggie at ChangePoint!!!  Spending quality time with her has helped ground me – if you know me you know that I am always squealing about something!!!  I have a lot to squeal about and Helene is one of those individuals who relates to people in a loving God Like Way!!!  Her heart is pure and gracious…I could go on forever about her – I appreciate her sharing time and space with me on this journey….Gosh Life Is That Good!!!

And, I didn’t want to mention this but I am applying for a part time teaching position at Portland Community College!  Yikes – I would be completely honored to teach their nicotine cessation course!!!  My career began wanting to be a teacher… sharing what I learn is probably the closest passion I have to learning so – why not – Right???

I share all of this because I also have a running list of stories that scream to be told!!! Chad Love – Adina – New Resources – Jason Temchin – Jesse Holman – ESPN kind of stuff and I’m so not referring to the sports channel!!!  Please forgive me but know that I have not forgotten you!!!

I am just on this Grace Filled Life After Addiction Journey!!!  I invite you to get on it with me!!!

Ever So Grateful for Life!!!


I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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