Recovery NW Project Highlights!!!


Where do I possibly begin!!!  The recovery community in Clark County is absolutely right on!!!  I reconnected with Cleve Thompson, Joey and Jeff of Kleen Street’s Recovery Café, Barbara Gerrier, Shane Gardner and his honey, Cyndi Smith, DeDe Seidler, Tom B of Hands Across the Bridge, Chris Thompson of WASBIRT and there were so many people I recognized by face but could not recall all of their names.

And – oh I can’t forget Pastor Dennis of California!!!  When I first saw him this year I knew I knew him but could not recall from where but when he went up and started speaking  it all came back to me!!!

Remember him last year he was the gentleman who shared the 20 dollar bill – he crumpled it, spit on it, through it on the floor, stepped on it, picked it up and asked us what’s the value?  It turned out it still was worth 20 dollars after all that and reminded us that people are like that too.  A lot happens to us – we make some not so good choices but at whatever point we decide we are just as valuable as we were when we were first born.

This year he was equally groovy sharing how he, his honey and his young daughter watched a film “The Miracle of Life” to talk about the birds and the bees with his 12 year old going on 20!  As the film started it showed a couple coming together – then it switched to a whole lot of sperms swimming some went right and died away others left and died away but there were those few that kept swimming upstream that persevered –Dennis, his honey and lovely daughter each picked a itty bitty twinkle in some parent’s eye and guessed which one would win and it turned out the one his daughter picked won!

He compared this dash for life to a miracle then he looked out at us and said “Each one of you went through that.”  There were a whole lot of others who wanted to win but for whatever reason you won!

Too groovy – Dennis did it again!!!  So simple yet so amazing!!!  He went on and spoke about his daughter’s passion for recovery.  When she sees someone using tobacco she tries to educate them.  That was it she is a keeper in my book!!!  Any 12 year old that tries to help others see the harm of using tobacco has won my heart!!!

I went over to thank him and let him know I didn’t remember him at first – he wondered because I had that look of uncertainty!  I gave him a little book mark I made for the training!  He placed it in his wallet to share with his lovely daughter when he gets back!!!

When Mandy – A strong beautiful person in recovery shared her passion for recovery and how she lives each day to save lives -it too was so impactful especially when you hear her story of from where she comes.

Joey – shared too his words of wisdom – You have a choice of what you want to be today.

Shane – We can’t arrest our way out of the problems.

Monti – I was addicted to acceptance.  His happiness was dependent on other’s accepting him.

The female Lieutenant  – who goes out of her way to train new police officers they need to understand it is not just about people making choices and they then go to jail.

And the Darcy Story – Gosh – when a father brings his child’s ashes in a box – it is heartfelt and impactful.  Addiction “the beast” won but his Papa is sharing his grief and loss so others may not have to go through what his son and family went through.

Cleve – using his and his honey’s prescription medications, cigarettes and alcohol’s warning labels as a reminder that marijuana should also come with a warning label – and Clark County should be in the forefront of creating a bill!

Having Rick attend the morning session of Mindful Smoking and Ruth and Martin attend the afternoon session was so groovy –  That is three more people who get how important it is to talk to everyone about their tobacco use!!!

We heard from Dennis that Clark County is 11 years ahead of California!!!

There was a cumulative total of 375 years of recovery at this community event!!!  To be a part of this community is a true blessing!  A lot of good has come from this group – and we were reminded that there is a lot more that still needs to be done!!!

Thank you to everyone for improving quality of life.  As someone said today each time a person gets well – it decreases the stigma!  Let’s decrease the stigma!  Let’s continue our Grace-Filled Life After Addiction!!!


I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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