Hands Across the Bridge – what it means to me!

In response to a dear friend asking for more details about this blessed event –

Every Labor Day or thereabouts people gather at Ester Shore Park on WA side and the Red Lion on Portland side and walk on the I5 Bridge – at exactly noon a tug boat below will sound out a horn – for us to get ready – followed by two more sounds – hold hands a moment of silence and three sounds when we all together say the Serenity Prayer.   Then we shout out in celebration of individuals in recovery, in memory of lives lost to substance use, and support families and communities affected by mental health and substance use.  (I added mental health because for me they go hand in hand – I am sure many would agree.) http://handsacrossthebridge.org/event/hands-across-the-bridge-2015/ this link has more details!

This year – as every year I met some incredibly delightful individuals – I witnessed the Faces of Hope!!!  The joy on their faces was palpable!  And I met a young man Daniel who beamed at the thought of staying in recovery!!!  I send blessings to Daniel and his beautiful Mama who called me so excited that he was so excited about his recovery!!!

How do you spell RECOVERY?  D A N I E L

How do you spell RECOVERY? D A N I E L

Plus Daniel’s friend – I am so sorry I do not recall his name – please forgive me Sir!  The more beautiful people get well the more people believe recovery is possible!!!

j o y!!!

j o y!!!

Life is so amazing everyone – I know you all know this – but when you meet people like Daniel you truly feel the blessings of A Grace-Filled Life After Addiction!!!  Thank you Daniel – keep up your amazing journey – Recovery Looks So Good On You!!!

https://youtu.be/SgSnFvq13pw This link is mostly about Hands Across the Bridge in prior years – however it is also in memory of individuals who have left us do to mental health – suicide – illness – cancer – and renal failure.  These beautiful people may be gone but they are definitely not forgotten…

I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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