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Guadalupe Drops OSU Clinical Mental Health Master’s Program like it’s Not!

Yes!  OSU is an excellent program for a mainstream person with little to no challenges!  I am a technologically challenged elder, person of color, who has been out of school for 30+ years.  My concerns were peppered throughout the two terms!  As my academic advisor put it best “You are now a part of a big system that cannot be changed.” 

Bs first term (a B was like an A to me!) –keeping up with the reading was already a bit of a challenge! Add to that inability to see very well!  Argh!!!  It’s okay because another OSU advisor suggested I get a huge monitor! 

Navigating through Canvas – another peachy experience.  I felt like I possibly had a learning disability!  OSU – go to your doctor to get tested.  Kaiser – we don’t pay for it!  Back to OSU – get a bigger monitor again! 

Still I was so pleased with my B’s until my advisor’s feedback came with they really do like the grades to be higher!

Cohurt Bliss (misspell intentional) Cohurt – 25 minute group project where you are the only person of color, with what feels like undiagnosed learning disabilities, and are not a die-hard feminist!  Three srikes!  I love my brown femininity and all that goes with it.  Not acceptable to the Type A feMale in our group – who uses up her 5 minutes plus 4 of my 5 minutes leaving me 1 minute.  After spending 9 hours prepping for 5 minutes so I can bring it to our group I pleaded with the instructor to have 2 minutes!

Social Justice – create a journal about how privileged we are!  My eyes were suddenly opened, I am able bodied and although I struggle with my learning and at times my mental health I have faired pretty well and I have a home, transportation… the list can go on and on! 

2 minute assignment – we each get 1 minute. I am paired up with a mainstream female who takes 30 of my seconds to reiterate the instructions in case I did not get it.  Caught off guard I can only come up with the list above. She takes up my 30 seconds explaining and her entire minute talking about the atrocities of being on vacation in a country that speaks a different language!

The Bliss was one friend I made that will be my friend for life!  I honestly believe I was accepted into this program just so I could meet her!

I expressed my concerns to my social justice instructor – feedback focus on your work was the response leaving a tremendous feeling of unsafety for all. The group experience shook me to the core.

Fortunately 2nd Term – Squeal! Straight A’s!  101.5!!!  “Hot!”  It truly was the best feeling ever, until…

As the 3rd Term neared I find a hold on my registration for transcripts from UC Berkeley and Gavilan!  I sent what was originally sent to them and nope not acceptable.  (I would think they would not have accepted me into the program without them?) I request them again but the term is about to start.  I drive to OSU to get my books, spend the weekend at the coast pondering my entire academic experience at OSU and ask… Do I want to promote a university who treats students this way?  Do I want to increase my student loan debt at age 60 +???  I was looking at 3 years plus they emphasized another several years to get licensed… wow.  YES absolutely!

Until I heard from my advisor who asked me how bad do I want it?  Who do I have this to prove?  Suddenly it made less sense.  All I wanted her to say is Guadalupe we believe in you!  You are valuable!  We need more mental health counselors from diverse backgrounds… If she had said anything to that affect I would have hung in there and made it work!

Still as hard as it was to walk away, I did– and today I feel like I made the right decision!


Stormy, Thunder, (RRRRrrrrrr) Rainbows and Squeal Blue Skies!!!


Fit Mother Work Out and Fit Mother Meal Plan! Dom In Ate Ing G’s Wellness World!

Feel Good

When one door closes another one opens and often we miss the open door because we keep looking at the door that closed!  Helen Keller!  Here’s to open doors!!!

Today, I am a technologically challenged elder person of color, who has been out of school for 1 month.  And now I am creating a system that promotes big change!!! Sustainable Change!

Sincerely grateful to be here!


Upcoming Headline: Guadalupe Resigns from Native American Rehabilitation Association to Find Her Authenticity!  A place that embraces all that she is!

I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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