Credit? Effective, Ineffective, Darn Right Hostage! I Choose a Walk-Thru!


Credit!  Effective, Ineffective and The Darn Right Hostage

I am beside myself.  I opted to take out a Sephora Credit Line so I could save 15% in the same month I opted to upgrade my IPhone 10 to 12 through my then provider AT&T! 

I was informed by AT&T I would need to upgrade my plan from 45 to almost 80.  Okay, I thought it’s the price you pay for unlimited data and a 3-camera phone since I plan to use it to finally get Mindful Smoking, Reconnecting Individuals to Their Baby Pink Lungs One Family At A Time program on the map!

Only after paying my usual monthly AT&T payment of 45 buckaroos on the 19th and almost 90 dollars for the upgraded plan on the new phone on the 23rd.  Yikes.  The plan was set however AT&T prepaid department could not connect the dots with the AT&T Store for my new phone.  After 14 hours of attempts I opted to cancel and go with Verizon!  Well, I had to fight with AT&T to get my money back through my bank who thoroughly investigated the entire situation!

Yeah, progress – I got my beautiful new phone with a sparkly phone cover and lots of nice other accessories (tripod, charger, and a phone mount!)  I was so ready! 

Then I received that monthly update on my credit score!  Argh.  Between all the inquiries, AT&T, Verizon, and Sephora my credit score took a hit! I gasped as I double checked to make sure I was understanding this correctly!  Yes, I took a 53-point hit on my credit score!

Okay, I can do this – in a month or two it will go back up I thought!!!

Until today, when I received a generic notice from Home Depot stating that my late fee has gone up from 29 dollars to 40 dollars.  WT heck!  I was so mad, without thinking it through and in an emotional moment of argh I called and closed both my Home Depot Cards!  I was so frustrated – I have been a Home Depot customer for many years and have never been late – ever!  Plus, I had a zero balance on both accounts!  And I get rewarded with a nasty gram!  I do not…. think so!

I consider myself tremendously blessed in that I have kept my job (except for a two-month self-induced hiatus) but what about folks who have lost their jobs through the pandemic.  I let them know at Home Depot my thoughts – what about folks who are struggling?  During COVID-19 receiving a notice like this would be devastating to a family who is barely making ends meet and or needs to make a choice between paying their bills or purchasing food.  It’s the equivalent of kicking people in the stomach when they are down. 

The kind person on the phone expressed their apologies, validated how I or someone in a worse situation might be feeling.  They then went on to warn me that I would not be able to re-open my account.  I was so pissed I stated I would rather go to Lowes in the future.  Really, in that moment I would rather set myself on fire as I heard someone say in an interview lately but can’t recall who they were talking about! I was that mad!

I need to share this because I am wondering if big corporations are already preparing to pass on the increased tax hikes that have not even happened yet to the poor people these tax hikes are supposed to be helping!

I also wonder if it is possible to reverse the tides on huge corporations. 

What would it be like if we went back to the day when we only bought what we could afford by only paying cash for items?  What if we all pulled together and stopped paying for anything that comes with interest fees?  What if we all learned to live within our means – how about below it? 

I am mad right now.  So mad that I am gaining momentum to stop consumerism like in the film Minimalism.  It is becoming a lot easier for me to think twice before I shop for “stuff”.  I would prefer to take that money and create memories with loved ones like going to Cascade Locks and buying a delicious hamburger, French fries, soda pop and a snow cone from the little burger place on main street.  Looking at whirlpools of water, dodging the many geese poop on the lawn, inviting a lovely couple to stand in line in between our car and the car in front of us because the walk up is closed!  I have never seen a drive thru invite folks to go to the back of the line of cars on foot to order and get their meal!!! They were such lovely people, it truly was a blessing to offer and an honor to have them accept!

Let’s be a blessing to each other, rather than trying to figure out how to stick it to the little people!

What are your thoughts?  How is your credit through all these difficult moments, fires, COVID-19, storms, 9 minutes and 29 second moment, peaceful protests, insurrection, and ultimate change in administration…

We welcome your questions, comments, and feedback!



I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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