Credit? Effective, Ineffective, Darn Right Hostage! I Choose a Walk-Thru!


Credit!  Effective, Ineffective and The Darn Right Hostage

I am beside myself.  I opted to take out a Sephora Credit Line so I could save 15% in the same month I opted to upgrade my IPhone 10 to 12 through my then provider AT&T! 

I was informed by AT&T I would need to upgrade my plan from 45 to almost 80.  Okay, I thought it’s the price you pay for unlimited data and a 3-camera phone since I plan to use it to finally get Mindful Smoking, Reconnecting Individuals to Their Baby Pink Lungs One Family At A Time program on the map!

Only after paying my usual monthly AT&T payment of 45 buckaroos on the 19th and almost 90 dollars for the upgraded plan on the new phone on the 23rd.  Yikes.  The plan was set however AT&T prepaid department could not connect the dots with the AT&T Store for my new phone.  After 14 hours of attempts I opted to cancel and go with Verizon!  Well, I had to fight with AT&T to get my money back through my bank who thoroughly investigated the entire situation!

Yeah, progress – I got my beautiful new phone with a sparkly phone cover and lots of nice other accessories (tripod, charger, and a phone mount!)  I was so ready! 

Then I received that monthly update on my credit score!  Argh.  Between all the inquiries, AT&T, Verizon, and Sephora my credit score took a hit! I gasped as I double checked to make sure I was understanding this correctly!  Yes, I took a 53-point hit on my credit score!

Okay, I can do this – in a month or two it will go back up I thought!!!

Until today, when I received a generic notice from Home Depot stating that my late fee has gone up from 29 dollars to 40 dollars.  WT heck!  I was so mad, without thinking it through and in an emotional moment of argh I called and closed both my Home Depot Cards!  I was so frustrated – I have been a Home Depot customer for many years and have never been late – ever!  Plus, I had a zero balance on both accounts!  And I get rewarded with a nasty gram!  I do not…. think so!

I consider myself tremendously blessed in that I have kept my job (except for a two-month self-induced hiatus) but what about folks who have lost their jobs through the pandemic.  I let them know at Home Depot my thoughts – what about folks who are struggling?  During COVID-19 receiving a notice like this would be devastating to a family who is barely making ends meet and or needs to make a choice between paying their bills or purchasing food.  It’s the equivalent of kicking people in the stomach when they are down. 

The kind person on the phone expressed their apologies, validated how I or someone in a worse situation might be feeling.  They then went on to warn me that I would not be able to re-open my account.  I was so pissed I stated I would rather go to Lowes in the future.  Really, in that moment I would rather set myself on fire as I heard someone say in an interview lately but can’t recall who they were talking about! I was that mad!

I need to share this because I am wondering if big corporations are already preparing to pass on the increased tax hikes that have not even happened yet to the poor people these tax hikes are supposed to be helping!

I also wonder if it is possible to reverse the tides on huge corporations. 

What would it be like if we went back to the day when we only bought what we could afford by only paying cash for items?  What if we all pulled together and stopped paying for anything that comes with interest fees?  What if we all learned to live within our means – how about below it? 

I am mad right now.  So mad that I am gaining momentum to stop consumerism like in the film Minimalism.  It is becoming a lot easier for me to think twice before I shop for “stuff”.  I would prefer to take that money and create memories with loved ones like going to Cascade Locks and buying a delicious hamburger, French fries, soda pop and a snow cone from the little burger place on main street.  Looking at whirlpools of water, dodging the many geese poop on the lawn, inviting a lovely couple to stand in line in between our car and the car in front of us because the walk up is closed!  I have never seen a drive thru invite folks to go to the back of the line of cars on foot to order and get their meal!!! They were such lovely people, it truly was a blessing to offer and an honor to have them accept!

Let’s be a blessing to each other, rather than trying to figure out how to stick it to the little people!

What are your thoughts?  How is your credit through all these difficult moments, fires, COVID-19, storms, 9 minutes and 29 second moment, peaceful protests, insurrection, and ultimate change in administration…

We welcome your questions, comments, and feedback!



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Happy Thursday, April 15, 2021!

Today I will do my best to cultivate calmness, peace and tranquility through valuing everyone and everything knowing that they, and we, including me, are all temporary!

Ponder, Appreciate All We Have!
Let’s put on our appreciation lenses!

Sincerely Grateful,


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If I were a news source this is what I’d be… K for radio dial, G for Guadalupe A for Aragon and 101.5 for a sizzling newsworthy experience! KGA101.5

Top Headlines

Guadalupe Drops OSU Clinical Mental Health Master’s Program like it’s Not!

Yes!  OSU is an excellent program for a mainstream person with little to no challenges!  I am a technologically challenged elder, person of color, who has been out of school for 30+ years.  My concerns were peppered throughout the two terms!  As my academic advisor put it best “You are now a part of a big system that cannot be changed.” 

Bs first term (a B was like an A to me!) –keeping up with the reading was already a bit of a challenge! Add to that inability to see very well!  Argh!!!  It’s okay because another OSU advisor suggested I get a huge monitor! 

Navigating through Canvas – another peachy experience.  I felt like I possibly had a learning disability!  OSU – go to your doctor to get tested.  Kaiser – we don’t pay for it!  Back to OSU – get a bigger monitor again! 

Still I was so pleased with my B’s until my advisor’s feedback came with they really do like the grades to be higher!

Cohurt Bliss (misspell intentional) Cohurt – 25 minute group project where you are the only person of color, with what feels like undiagnosed learning disabilities, and are not a die-hard feminist!  Three srikes!  I love my brown femininity and all that goes with it.  Not acceptable to the Type A feMale in our group – who uses up her 5 minutes plus 4 of my 5 minutes leaving me 1 minute.  After spending 9 hours prepping for 5 minutes so I can bring it to our group I pleaded with the instructor to have 2 minutes!

Social Justice – create a journal about how privileged we are!  My eyes were suddenly opened, I am able bodied and although I struggle with my learning and at times my mental health I have faired pretty well and I have a home, transportation… the list can go on and on! 

2 minute assignment – we each get 1 minute. I am paired up with a mainstream female who takes 30 of my seconds to reiterate the instructions in case I did not get it.  Caught off guard I can only come up with the list above. She takes up my 30 seconds explaining and her entire minute talking about the atrocities of being on vacation in a country that speaks a different language!

The Bliss was one friend I made that will be my friend for life!  I honestly believe I was accepted into this program just so I could meet her!

I expressed my concerns to my social justice instructor – feedback focus on your work was the response leaving a tremendous feeling of unsafety for all. The group experience shook me to the core.

Fortunately 2nd Term – Squeal! Straight A’s!  101.5!!!  “Hot!”  It truly was the best feeling ever, until…

As the 3rd Term neared I find a hold on my registration for transcripts from UC Berkeley and Gavilan!  I sent what was originally sent to them and nope not acceptable.  (I would think they would not have accepted me into the program without them?) I request them again but the term is about to start.  I drive to OSU to get my books, spend the weekend at the coast pondering my entire academic experience at OSU and ask… Do I want to promote a university who treats students this way?  Do I want to increase my student loan debt at age 60 +???  I was looking at 3 years plus they emphasized another several years to get licensed… wow.  YES absolutely!

Until I heard from my advisor who asked me how bad do I want it?  Who do I have this to prove?  Suddenly it made less sense.  All I wanted her to say is Guadalupe we believe in you!  You are valuable!  We need more mental health counselors from diverse backgrounds… If she had said anything to that affect I would have hung in there and made it work!

Still as hard as it was to walk away, I did– and today I feel like I made the right decision!


Stormy, Thunder, (RRRRrrrrrr) Rainbows and Squeal Blue Skies!!!


Fit Mother Work Out and Fit Mother Meal Plan! Dom In Ate Ing G’s Wellness World!

Feel Good

When one door closes another one opens and often we miss the open door because we keep looking at the door that closed!  Helen Keller!  Here’s to open doors!!!

Today, I am a technologically challenged elder person of color, who has been out of school for 1 month.  And now I am creating a system that promotes big change!!! Sustainable Change!

Sincerely grateful to be here!


Upcoming Headline: Guadalupe Resigns from Native American Rehabilitation Association to Find Her Authenticity!  A place that embraces all that she is!

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Guess Who? Guess What? Inspired by the sea!

Grace On You 01.16.2021


I know.  I’ve been gone and now I am back!  So much to tell within this world that is going though so much.  Nuances!  Decisions.  Divine Interventions!  Soul Searching found me at this moment in time!

Did I mention awareness.  I attended a DBT Training by Dr. Erica Tan.  Wow!  I allowed transparency to flow out of me. The type of transparency that brings true vulnerability – in front of my peers at work.  The topic was effective communication and all that that entails.  I shared one of my favorite therapists, Barbara Gould at Kaiser shared that I will have many friends.  Some friends do all the talking.  Some are great listeners.  And others share the floor, and we have mutual conversations where we both feel heard and experience growth from being active listeners! Barbara went on to share that I will call different friends depending on what my needs are. 

As I shared that in this DBT training, I felt emotions within me bubble up.  Dr. Tan was sharing how important it is to say how we feel in the moment then provided examples.  This led me to ponder.  And as I pondered the feeling began to make itself known to me and that same feeling made it very clear to me that I had to say it out loud.  Yikes and I did.  I said it.  One of my greatest fears is that if I was to make my needs be known I might lose all my friends – catastrophizing.  That was hurtful to admit and necessary to be said.

At the time I felt a lump in my throat.  Dr. Tan was wonderful in that she affirmed what I was feeling.  I don’t recall exactly what she said all I know is that the lump dissolved in my throat a little.  I came home and cried.  Could it be that I have gone most of my life afraid that I would lose all of my friends because I might appear too needy or worse not feel worthy of… or worthless? 

Or the black and white thinking where I choose to throw the baby out with the bath water in that I stop reaching out to friends instead of saying how I feel.  Yikes, more transparency! I have some incredible friends who I know would drop whatever they are doing if and when I needed support!  I am so grateful to them.  You know who you are!!!  Thank you! 

Hence, my goal for today is to become a better friend by reaching out to my over the moon friendships!!!

This light bulb moment (fearing I’m not good enough) is over the moon significant for me!!!  I am kicking the lump in my throat to the curb!  And if someone kicks me to the curb for… then blessings to them!  In Calling In The One by Kathrine Woodward Thomas one of the lessons is to not attach to the outcome!

You might ask from where this change has come?  Look around, the world as we knew it ceases to exist!  It is time to unite!  It is time to love! It is time to be!

And psst – I am onto a new adventure!  One where emotions are felt, identified and released!!! 

For now Love, Love, Love!!!


Guadalupe Aragón!

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Accomplisher, Unificator, Creator!

Accomplisher, Unificator, Creator –

AUC! This is my new Ethic Vision!!!  Thanks to Jim Jensen who presented Aspirational Ethics through Ranier Springs!!!

Okay let me back up!!!  If you have not heard of Ranier Springs in Vancouver – You Must!!!  The presentation prior helped me learn about PTG – Post Trauma Growth!

Oh my gosh – learning about PTG helps me feel like I have finally found a home!!! My current read is a book loaned to me by a colleague at work.  Post Trauma Success by Fredrike Bannink!  It has a quote in there about how psychology has focused on people from a what’s wrong with them approach which takes people who are miserable and makes them less miserable!

I am Guadalupe Aragon and a bit of a self professed MisFit!!!  I am NOT your use only EBP (evidence based practices) kind of person! 

Instead we use beach balls,  bowls of water, burial sites, Dr. Jack Stump’s Life Time Line and recalling your first bike to; honor your uniqueness, help you to sit still long enough to meditate, help you reconnect you with your baby pink lungs, and help you beautiful person fully understand from where you come and remind you or have you learn for the very first time your brain has the ability to create glutamate and or empower you to reprogram your glutamate!!!  As Dr. Kevin McCauley states life is and should be “better than expected!”

I do respect all those T’s and do sincerely believe they are extremely helpful – OMGosh – DBTs Wise Mind and Emotional Regulation – over the moon – yes and I want more for folks!!!  I am learning in PTG that recovery is bringing people back to their prior state of being before the PTSD. I have always felt people who experienced trauma have the ability to feel more joy than people who have never experienced any trauma!  Mind blowing joy!!!  Who the heck needs drugs when you can tap into your own glutamate, endorphins and enkephalins!!!

Sign me up!!!

I announced my stance at Jim Jensen’s presentation on Aspirational Ethics – so I suppose this is a little more detail to help you understand my comment – if you were present – I am not a mental health counselor – I stated I am an Alcohol and Drug Counselor – I left out – I tend to lean toward Life Coach!

One of my greatest values is do no harm!  I am blessed beyond the moon to be working in a facility that has mental health providers and medical doctors present!  In addition to all of the required EBPs I do my awful best to provide – the groovy work I have found helps clients get more out of their work with their mental health providers!

As Dr. Gabor Mate states It’s not why the addiction? It’s why the pain?

Jim Jensen was phenomenal!!!  All of his work is beyond the moon!  I still use his Essential Needs – like needing to pee and equating it to needing the drug with all of my clients and when honored to work with the families!!!

I truly am the most blessed person in this world because I feel like I have gone beyond surviving.  And now I choose to go beyond recovery!  I choose to thrive!

Accomplisher – because I have a ton of exciting projects I will accomplish!!!

Unificator – because I choose to invite All Beautiful People to join me in this adventure!

Creator – because who uses beach balls, water bowls and burial sites to empower beautiful people to be their best selves!!!

What do you use???

Sincerely, and Respectfully


I also want to give a tremendous thank you to Royal Oaks Golf Course in Vancouver, Washington!!!  What a great venue with the most ahmazing staff and delicious food!!!

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Beginning At The End!

Did my child dream this… to be?

Where I end my day depends on where I begin.

Every gesture. What I right about.

Dancing, Singing, Playing  like the world is watching.

Everyone is watching when I dare to be.

Feel the all and none there is.

Play the end of the beginning souls of feet running.

Answers to questions never asked.

Imagining tomorrows without … the solution be self, by self, my self.

Whenever that … comes to mind imagine the soul intertwined with Creator in mind.

Look back no more will stop feeding the goal prior.

The pine replaced by the fruit of a brand new vine.

The grapes of wine that made life taste bitter replaced for cups of tea.

Or that lovely coffee I learned to create.

NOW order the ingredients what might they be?

The organs will thank thee.

The Happily Ever After has already occurred – what if

Now is the time to call it – I have arrived – I have achieved.

My all, my end begins with this delicious moment.

With the end in mind; every gesture, every skipped heart beat, every thought and what I perceive.

En Cada Cabeza Hay Un Mundo in the words of my Madre.

Did my child dream this all to be?

If so Hooray!

If not Hoorah!

For it’s in acceptance the delicious end begins.

Guadalupe Aragon

This writing came about in memory of our beautiful friend Memory.  With the Out of The Darkness Walk in mind this mixture of emotions insisted on being released.  No I am not suicidal.  It is more about the more we talk about suicide the less likely it is to occur!  SQUEAL Suicide Questions to Understand, Evoke and Affirm Life.  Do you really want to die or do you want the pain to stop?  1.800.SUICIDE OR 503.923.HELP.

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Jim Jensen Emerging Drugs

Squeal!  An over the moon thank you to Rainier Springs for making this incredibly informative training possible!!!  Also Royal Oaks Golf Club ambiance was sweetness all around as was their beautiful staff and talented chefs who delivered scrumptious food!!!

Jim Jensen covered a lot of useful information; emphasis on approaches to reduce stigma so individuals feel safe talking to us about their use. He reviewed the sympathetic and para sympathetic systems and the how the axon/dendrites and neurotransmitters work in our brain including how drugs are slippery liquid solubles that trick the brain into allowing them past the blood brain barrier!  He was thorough beyond belief to make sure we were all on the same page!  He recommended we have a copy of Uppers, Downers All Arounders by Dr. Daryl Inaba to refer back to!

He provided groovy examples to help us understand how drugs alter our brain. For example a first time snowboarder who used meth and decided to snowboard as if she had done it many times before only to tumble all the way down the slope. “It’s like a dose of bad judgement.”  How our pupils dilate open because we want to see everything!  How the limbic part of our brain is where the reward area is.

He offered an example of “having to go pee”.  We wait as long as we can. The longer we wait the more we have to go.  Going pee is an “essential need” he points out.  When we finally go pee we experience what? The riveted audience lets out a sound of tremendous relief!  That is what drugs become to us when we cross over into addiction.  Drugs become an essential need.  “Our brain literally says thank you for doing something that is essential.” 

We giggled and laughed at the thought of our pee moment bringing about a mild “euphoria!”  We laughed some more and talked about it as we stood in line following a much needed break!  I recall thinking imagine if we were not allowed to go pee.  That would be horrible.  If drugs are like that – mental note to remember that as I sit across a client who is jonesing for their drug as they go through the post acute withdrawal symptoms.  Jim Jensen helped us be more empathetic and gentle towards others.

Plus, you know me – I absolutely loved that he spent a significant amount of time on smoking as well as vaping!

“You lived on the streets. You stopped injecting…! Can you quit smoking? Nope.”

Jim helped us to understand why smoking and now vaping is so hard to quit!  He brought up how vaping is going through very similar history like cigarettes.  History that took years to evolve; cigarettes are safe, later found to be unsafe and then deadly.

Hence it was great when cigarette use among teens was found to be significantly dropping with each study.  Counselors celebrated!  However it was short lived as we are now seeing significant increase in e-cigarette use among youth.

Jim brought up a study at a school where using nicotine was high.  Students were asked if they knew if their e-cigarette contained nicotine.  60% of the students believed their e-cig had nicotine and 40% believed they were vaping nicotine free e-liquid.  It was found that 100% of e-liquid they were using contained nicotine.

Last example;  is vaping safer than smoking?  Jim shared a hypothetical situation.  Imagine I say I am going to drive 100 mph going backward down Fourth Plain.  You would think that person is crazy, right?  Well imagine the exact same scenario but this time I am going to wear a seat belt!  Mhm – less crazy???

The Mindful Smoking includes a vaping assessment.  One of the questions asks if the vape was harsh on your throat the first time you vaped.  Then asks is it no longer harsh?  Many PCC students have reported that it was harsh – some continued to use nicotine in vape form while others went back to cigarettes because it was too harsh.  I looked it up and the recommendation from websites that promote vaping acknowledged that is a common experience.  Their solution “Vape more?”  Yikes!

We know so little about vaping it will be interesting to look back 20 or 30 years from now!

Jim Jensen covered so many other drugs in such detail!  I would strongly recommend you make it a point to attend one of his presentations!!!  In fact he will be presenting on Ethics in the near future!  Check out Rainier Springs for more details!



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It all began in the bathroom!  I became a runner in the bathroom!!!

I try to run every day – at least 1 mile and on good days 3+ miles!

It started out small.  I watched a Ted Talk where a gentleman encouraged viewers to add one itty bitty change to something you already do.  Go pee – Do one push-up! He got up to 80+ push-ups a day!  It Was Simple and Effective.  It worked for me too when I was at home a lot  – and not so much in public bathrooms.

But it started something within me because the running followed!

Someone – To this day I do not know who –  ordered two magazines for me- A Woman’s magazine that featured Barbara Streisand on the cover.  And the other magazine was a Runner’s magazine!

I put the Runner’s Magazine in the bathroom!

I know this is TMI however it’s worth sharing because it changed my life and perhaps it can change yours too!

I’m always in a rush but when I sat… and began reading I was moved by the stories – a group of runners who ran in the streets of Chicago, A woman in Africa who ran 8 miles a day to get to work to save money, tips on warming up before a run by spelling the alphabet with your feet, the best rated running gear…you name it – if it has to do with running this Runner’s magazine has it!

I have bad knees and it saddened me when my knees began to hurt.  I didn’t give up.  I ran until they hurt, then walked until they stopped then ran again!  Sometimes I walked more than ran but each day I read more I ran more!!! I am so blessed to be able to run three miles without stopping!

The pencil drawing came about after I attended a training through the Cedar Hills Hospital Professional Events – The topic was art therapy – it moved me too!  I will share more but for now I am hoping this little bit of life experience will move you too!

I encourage you to add one itty bitty thing to something you already do!  To find a favorite read to inspire and yes put it in the bathroom!!!  And dare to draw about it or sing about it – but do it – while you can – because you can!!!

I still wonder who did it – who ordered these two magazines for me – I would love to know because it seems to have changed my life –  I would love to say thank you to you!  If it was you who is reading this now – My heart thanks you!!!



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Dr. Gabor Mate!

Dr. Gabor Mate and Me

Okay please read with caution – This is my truth – Right now I feel vulnerable as all heck. However I am so eternally grateful for the insight Dr. Mate brings to the world and I found no better way to share it with you than to make it personal.  In applying what I learned from him through the many hours of viewing him on You Tube, reading In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts and attending the NWIAS conference / meeting him in person!!!  I am discovering myself.

  1. 20.2017

Okay – I no longer want to be the baby on the floor board of my father’s red Ford pick-up truck. The one that get’s left behind at 5 am as my family goes to work the fields. The baby who cries out as the temperature drops from a warm comforting heat to freezing cold by the time I am found at noon.  Blue lips, eyes swollen shut and soiled from head to foot.  I don’t want to be that baby anymore and I finally get that I am that baby.

Abandoned, cold, feeling unwanted, oh that’s not a feeling – that’s a perception. Feeling unloved – no that’s not a feeling either that’s a perception or interpretation or a message I made about my worthiness or the lack of it.

Dr. Mate would say what’s the truth?  The truth is my parents had to work – my mother had to do what my father told her because women listened to their men.  Her – or them leaving me had absolutely nothing to do with me or how they felt about me.  Even though their behavior demonstrates lack of love only they knew their intent.

I was scared, frightened, feelings of terror that no one would come for me.  The truth is I had a right to feel all of the painful feelings I felt. I can cry now for my experience. And  I can show love to the little baby that never got it.  I can hug her goodnight and write songs about how valuable she is.

“I am the oxygen that I need to breath.”  When I first wrote the song it started by saying – You are the oxygen that I need to breath. I rewrote the lyrics after meeting Dr. Mate!!!

Hearing Dr. Mate say to all of us at the conference in his soft soothing and assuring voice “Awe I get it – you hurt right now”  reminded me of my dear friend Lafa who also talks soothingly to little Diego as he cries out loud as if in tremendous pain – her saying – “What’s the matter little mister” with such love in her voice. My heart leaps for joy that little Diego will grow strong and sure of himself!!!

I can talk to my little baby inside me like that.  Reassure my baby – Awe I get it…my heart hurts, I’m lonely, I need connection – in the past the connection came at all cost.  Today the connection I seek is with me.

Reliving this experience is a tremendously lonely and painful time – but I do get it.  For so long I didn’t want to be that baby left behind on the floorboard and I am that baby left behind on the floorboard.

That is what Dr. Mate was trying to say.  It is that awareness coupled with learning the real truth from that experience.  Not from an adult perspective that also dismisses the baby infant experience but from a compassionate space where I can give the baby the love it yearns for so hungrily.  I finally get that baby can now get its needs met best by me.

Dr. Mate demonstrated another perspective of the truth when he asked the audience to add other perspectives of the scenarios shared. It was enlightening!

Another truth for me is that my parents had to work – that was their priority – AND I am still valuable, lovable, even whole.  I am complete.  When I crave that man love or feel the tremendous grief and loss from lost love – I commit to reminding myself that I am whole – I always have been – I always was – it was my interpretation of the experience that made me feel less than or broken – which again are not even feelings.  Scared, hurt, frightened.  Oh my goodness. This is big.

This is big because I get it now that every time I yearned for a man it was the baby on the floor board reliving the pain and suffering from the interpretations I made in my head.  It f….. hurts right now but it is as if for once this hurt is an intentional walk through Pain Avenue to get to Destination Wholeness – Coming Home!

My grace filled life after addiction -I get to hang out with me – the wholeness me – which is who I really am!  Thank you Dr. Mate and everyone who played a part in bringing him to Portland!!!

Guadalupe Aragón

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July 2017 is turning out to be a Fire Cracker Month with ample opportunities to network and learn!!!

Listening across Culture, Social Position and Power

Friday, June 30, 2017 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT at The DoubleTree Hotel
This workshop highlights that the therapeutic alliance occurs within social, historical, political, economic and cultural contexts. Counseling professionals will take a closer look into how discussions about difference can be heard from particular social positions.
Presented by
Michelle Maher PhD
Michelle Maher, Ph.D.

Legal Cannabis: Facts & Clinical Skills
Friday, July 14th, 2017 9 a.m to 4:30 p.m.
6 CEUs
Sponsored By
Chemical Dependency Training Consortium of the NW
The Water Resources Education Center
4600 S.E. Columbia Way, Vancouver, WA
Questions about directions to the Water Center, please call us at 360-487-7111

Goal of Training
The legalization of medical and retail cannabis creates unique challenges for those working with individuals in the mental health, addictions, and corrections fields. This training will review the effects of cannabis on the mental and physical health of adolescents and adults, including discussion about recent research and reporting. To engage clients in productive discussions about their cannabis use, the evidence-based strategy of Motivational Interviewing will be shared and practiced.

Behavioral Objectives
Participants of the training, will:

  • Gain understanding of the varied forms of cannabis,
  • Understand current research findings on the effects of cannabis on mental and physical health,
  • Learn about cannabinoids and their interest to medical science,
  • Practice evidence-based clinical skills to talk with clients about cannabis, and
  • Increase knowledge of educational resources for cannabinoid research.


Janis Crawford, PhD, LPC, ACS

Janis Crawford, MA, LPC, ACS.   As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Breaking Free with Accelerated Resolution Therapy: The New Paradigm for Trauma-informed Treatment

Friday, July 14, 2017 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT
This workshop for counseling and healthcare professionals will change your expectations of how you help your clients transform trauma. It will introduce Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), an emerging brief therapy that delivers outcomes typically seen in longer-term treatment.
Presented by Dave Ebaugh, LCSW
The DoubleTree Hotel
Dave Ebaugh, LCSW

Wednesday-Friday, July 19-21, 2017
Wednesday and Thursday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Friday 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

43rd Annual Northwest Institute of Addictions Studies Conference Overview

Everyday Attachment in Recovery: Creating Healthy, Connected Communities

New Location!: Red Lion Hotel on the River, 909 N. Hayden Island Drive, Portland, OR 97217.
Click here for information on discounted room rates and accommodations

2017 Keynote Speakers:


Wednesday:  Gabor Mate, MD, Addiction and Wellness Expert, Author and Professional Speaker
Thursday:  J. Stuart Ablon, PhD, Director, Think:Kids in the Department of Psychiatry
at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology
in the Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Friday:  Joy DeGruy, PhD, MSW, Author, Lecturer and Consultant in the area of social justice,
Assistant Professor of Research, Portland State University


The CEUs earned at this conference are acknowledged and accepted by ACCBO.

Full Conference – 18 CEUs
Single Day (Wednesday or Thursday) – 6 CEUs
Single Day (Friday) – 4 CEUs

This conference is co-sponsored by the Professional Mental Health Counseling — Specialization in Addictions Program and the Center for Community Engagement at the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling.


Our mission is to encourage high standards of competence in the treatment of alcohol and other drug dependencies by sponsoring educational programs to improve the skills and knowledge of practitioners in the field. Learn more at or find NWIAS on Facebook.

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