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2017 Grace On You, LLC Series presents MINDFUL SMOKING – 3 CEUs for $50

Useful tools for Professionals who work with individuals –

who use tobacco,

have the desire to quit,

but NOT in the next 30 days!

This Professional Presentation comes with 10 Handouts, and 10 Practices to help individuals move from contemplation/preparation to action stage of change regarding their tobacco use!


Saturday – Every 3rd Saturday of the Month

  9:00 am to 12:00 pm

New Location – Vancouver, WA

Actual Address

Given At Time of Registration




Presentations are also available at your location!

Presentaciones estan disponible en su locacion!

Mindful Smoking presented by:

Guadalupe Aragón,

BA, CADC1, Recovery Coach,

Calling In “The One” Transformative Life Coach,

President of Chemical Dependency Training Consortium of the NW

360.334.2626 –  info@graceonyou.com




Have your Carbon Monoxide checked!!!

Have your Carbon Monoxide checked!!!

Why Bother?·   450 480K people die each year of a tobacco related illness

·   60% of individuals in treatment give up their primary keep their tobacco and die of a tobacco related illness

·   It costs .06 cents for the tobacco industry to make a pack of cigarettes

·   In 2005 there were 4k chemicals in smoke in 2012 there were 7,000

·   The amount of nicotine in the E Cigarette has been found to vary up to 20% when they vape

·   Waxing – odorless and easy to hide – using the e-cig as a delivery system for marijuana and other drugs

Why Not?

Let’s put the T back in A&D – Alcohol TOBACCO & Other Drugs = ATOD!

Mindful Smoking is Palpable

Mindful Smoking

Is about understanding how you got to where you are regarding your relationship with tobacco.

Is not so much about the harm that using tobacco causes you or the need for you to quit because like you, most people who use tobacco already know that and possess a strong desire to quit.

It’s more about learning useful information like in 2005 there were 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke and by 2012 there there were 7,000 – that is why it is so hard break up with it!

It’s about you being willing to try one thing at a time to help reduce your use.

It’s about learning that every 15 cigarettes your body mutates to help you truly understand that 19 cigarettes are less harmful than 20.

It’s about being willing to smoke 2/3 of a cigarette instead of a whole to get to the 19.

It’s about being willing to put .08 (1/3 the price of a cigarette) cents in a jar to visualize how there are financial rewards for you when you use less tobacco. (.08 X 20 = 1.60 X 7 days per week = 11.20 x 4 weeks = 44.80 per month!)

It’s about learning what a blessing you are which leads you to loving yourself so much that you have a plan to reward yourself at every accomplishment.

It’s about you being willing to exchange one regular brand cigarette with 7,000 chemicals for one tobacco only cigarette.

It’s about understanding that second hand smoke kills too therefore it’s about being willing to smoke outside only.

It’s about you being willing to use a smoker’s jacket and leaving your smokers jacket outside with the majority of the second hand smoke – that is where second hand smoke belongs.

It’s about being willing to breathe through a coffee stirrer once a day to experience what your breathing will be like if you continue to use tobacco in high levels.

It’s about understanding when you use tobacco the most by being willing to use tools like pack tracks that measure your moods with every cigarette.

It’s about being willing to learn a variety of mindful breathing techniques to match your different moods.

It’s about understanding how nicotine patches, gum and lozenges are useful – when used correctly.

It’s about understanding what carbon monoxide is and having your carbon monoxide levels checked regularly so you can see your body get healthier.

It’s about not doing it alone – Call Guadalupe Aragón, BA, CADC1, Recovery Coach, Certified Transformative Life Coach, Former President the Chemical Dependency Training Consortium of the NW and American Lung Association Freedom From Smoking Certified at 360.334.2626 or email info@graceonyou.com

Mindful Smoking is a palpable way to reduce your use! You will quickly notice your smell and taste will return – plus others will notice you are happier in your own skin and will want to know what you’re doing differently!!!

Mindful Smoking is also available for Professionals who work with individuals who use tobacco, have the desire to quit but not in the next 30 days!  3 CEUs for $30.00 – ACCBO Accredited!

Mindful Smoking

A Key to Becoming Tobacco Free 

If the following statement applies to you or someone you love and worry about; call Guadalupe 360.334.2626

My Heart’s Desire is to be Tobacco Free…but not in the next 30 days!

Who is Mindful Smoking© for?

    • Individuals who smoke – “use tobacco”
    • The people who love and worry about them
    • The people they work for – employers
    • The people who support them –  sponsors
    • The professionals who work with them – alcohol and drug counselors, mental health therapists
    • The companies who insure them

Mindful Smoking© is for Everyone!!!

Through the years I have been in this substance use field I have witnessed many changes.  For me this field began with ATOD – Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs and somewhere along the way Tobacco was mysteriously dropped off.  I became curious – How could the drug that causes more deaths than all of the other drugs combined be eliminated just like that? Could it be that it only cost 6 pennies to make a pack of cigarettes?  One fact remains the same throughout all of the changes and that is that tobacco use kills.  If you or your loved one are not ready to quit consider the harm reduction Mindful Smoking© alternative! 

Guadalupe Aragón, BA, CADC1, Certified Transformative Life Coach

President-elect Chemical Dependency Training Consortium of the Northwest

Mindful Smoking© by My Grace Filled Life after Addiction Grace On You, LLC

www.graceonyou.com                360.334.2626              info@graceonyou.com

This process is not in any way a replacement for treatment.



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With Certified Calling in “THE One” Coach


The “Calling in ‘The One’” process was absolutely life-changing. Not only did I meet my future husband as a result, but all the relationships in my life completely transformed. I’ve never felt so much love, connection, and intimacy before. I can’t recommend the program enough.” —Jane Simons, CA



Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life is a uniquely powerful approach to finding love. As a certified coach, I will expertly guide you through this nationally acclaimed 7-week course and support you in identifying and releasing the inner obstacles that have kept love from taking root in your life.

• Attract great love just by shifting who you are being in your life

• Learn why affirmations and positive thinking alone are insufficient to cause real change

• Master the advanced principles of the Law of Attraction

• Identify and break through the beliefs, patterns and old agreements that have kept love out of your life

•Discover who you truly are and create a vision for your best life

Based on the LA Times bestselling book by Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT, this program will help you become powerfully magnetic to the right partner and release the patterns of the past to create an extraordinary relationship. Calling in “The One” has worked for tens of thousands of people around the country and the around the world, and I know it can work for you, too!

“Guadalupe encouraged me every step of the way… I learned to love myself and let that love spill over into the world”—Lorna, BC, Canada

Guadalupe Aragón is a bilingual English/Spanish dedicated transformative life coach with an emphasis on healthy living. Guadalupe holds a B.A. in Sociology from UC Berkeley, a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor 1 from the state of Oregon and is trained by Katherine W. Tomas and Claire Zammit in the Calling In “The One” process. Witnessing people shift from a place of non possibility to a place of “I do belong- the world is here to support me in my decision to live the life I was meant to live” has set into motion within Guadalupe a movement and a desire to share this process! Guadalupe habla español.


This course is not in any way a replacement for treatment.


______Mindful Toking!_______

Understand Marijuana Understand You


Anandamide vs. THC,  Understand the munchies!, Understand cotton mouth, It helps me sleep!, It stimulates my appetite!,

In the past we smoked some weed and became one with the couch, Today – we smoke some weed and play a better basketball game!,  Youth report they can’t imagine getting on the basketball court without it!

Do you remember when you first learned how to ride your bike?

The neighborhood you rode in?

The color of your bike?  The color of the houses?

The sound of the rubber on the road – concrete, dirt, gravel?

The feel of the wind in the hair?

The sunshine on your back?

We’re you using pot then?  We hope not!  Did you enjoy riding your bike for the first time? Wow you are able to have fun without smoking weed!!! 

Many of us started off having fun without any substance use. Substance use Free – That’s who you really are!  But something happened along the way that took us away from our natural ability to enjoy life.  If you are curious to explore what happened or if the benefits of smoking weed are outweighed by the – financial, emotional, relationships and physical health costs – calling Guadalupe is the first step to reconnecting with who you really are! Guadalupe habla español.

To Achieve Your Grace-Filled Life after Addiction


This course is not in any way a replacement for treatment.

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    Life Coaching and Brief Intervention Topics include:
    Alcohol, Nicotine Cessation, Marijuana, Methamphatamines, Heroin,
    Myths About Suicide, and 12 Step Groups.

    How Our Thinking Can Be Just As Addictive As Any Other Chemical Substances, and

    Relationships with others – most importantly – Relationship with Self!

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