Mindful Smoking In the Community Pilot Program

Squeal!!!  It is official!  This pilot program has begun!!! We have two solid beautiful people who are willing and “excited” to come on board!  A third will likely join us next week!  Starting small and building is an excellent place to begin!

I was so excited – my bad driving got the best of me – so if you see a little yellow car speeding by you – please forgive me I tend to forget my share the road etiquette when I am on a mission!!!

Week One –  So the beautiful people ( one female – one male) looked over the two page agreement and Yeah both were okay with all of it!  So please look forward to a published version of our shared time and space!

They were awesome – We began with a breathing exercise!

They then willingly took the floor and took steps forward each time a question applied to them; have you ever used tobacco, used before the age of 25, use more than 10 cigs…each step brought them closer to the homemade burial tombstone with crows and the icky jar and packs of cigarettes with disease pics!  (My good friend Lafa brought them to me from Brazil!)

Both got a little worried as they got closer asking if they should take smaller steps because the space was nice and small!  And they had a few yes answers!!! They actually ended  in a nice spot – NOT BUTT UP AGAINST DEATH!  She ended up closer to the tombstone than he!

I didn’t have their pre-test ready however they agreed to take a pre-test I will send them via email.

The stages of change were reviewed as was the definition of addiction.

We viewed a film https://youtu.be/dVLtNgAhPRg Bryan’s Story Mad World song by Gary Jules.  Bryan’s story is heart wrenching – if you get a chance check it out.  She noticed at the end of the video they show the smoking baby in Indonesia – They were both taken back when they found out a little about this little person who got up to a pack a day and has gone to rehab.  The child was since interviewed – when they showed him the video of himself – the child reports it makes him want to smoke a cigarette.

It was emphasized the difficulty of quitting is not a reflection of them – it is more the chemicals that are put into the cigarettes and the tobacco industry’s excellent marketing strategies.  Target the young to replace the many who are dying.

But that will all come in future sessions.  I gave them an overview of the topics – and shared a vision board created by a student at Portland Community College.  They were fascinated with the before images on one side and the after images on the other.  She was wonderful asking “I can’t wait to begin my dream board!”  It was decided she would begin hers now using each weeks lesson as an inspiration to create her collage!

We agreed to not put a number on how many times we would meet since this is at it’s conception!

We finished our session with a hug after they both kindly helped me take my stuff to the car!  He asked if the third person could join us since he really wanted to but couldn’t make this session.  She thoughtfully bid me farewell asking me to drive safe to which I responded – that’s a whole other story!!! I have issues I am still working on!  We all giggled as we bid each other farewell.

I thought about that and opted to drive Marine drive on the way back home!  It was perfect I was so high from the experience being by the water it felt as if I was literally  on the water!  Wow!

More to come!


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