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Oh My Gosh!!! The Conference Was So Incredibly Memorable!!!

So the drive was fierce!!! I arrived at 11 pm on Thursday night….I was so impressed with Eric’s presentation – lots of new info and Bless His Heart he agreed to present for us at the Chemical Dependency Training Consortium

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Squeal Alert!!! Mindful Smoking Update!!!

This month I had beautiful person – Mr. Crew drive all the way from Corvallis, Oregon to participate in the Mindful Smoking presentation for professionals who work with individuals, who use tobacco, have the desire to quit – but not

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The benefits of falling and getting back up!!!

What I noticed when I was not consistently free-writing! So the three-page-free-write is coming along!  Wake up and write. Right?  You know how happiness comes in waves?  So does our practices!!!  I skipped, put off and pushed back on this

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Dennis Waitley!!!

This is a special request – you know who you are!!!  I absolutely love this gentleman!!! I have a collection of his motivational cassette tapes and found this little poem that stayed in my heart all of these years!!!  I

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Cultural Identity!

Native American culture is very generous as noted by the wonderful gifts -Medicine bags are very common and we were gifted one – along with a key chain and delicious treats! “Cultural Identity” these two words were repeated throughout the

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Decrease the gap between client and counselor by better understanding sociocultural belief systems of Native people as taught by “Grandfather Bear”!!!

Friday, July 10th – 9 am to 4:30 pm at Peace Health Southwest – Itswoot Wawa Hyiu also know as Roy L. Wilson Itswoot Wawa Hyiu, (Roy Wilson), is an Honorary Chief and a Spiritual Leader of the Cowlitz Tribe

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Feeling so blessed!

I am so looking forward to attending this Free Training Opportunity – Gain tools to address the leading cause of preventable death in the US and in Oregon! – Joanne Jackson, great friend, colleague and Mindful Smoking participant for sharing it!!!

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I just had a most amazing experience presenting Mindful Smoking©!

My intention, as always is to deliver useful tools for professionals to help individuals who use tobacco reduce their use.  The groovy additional perk is that I always get blessed beyond the words I have to convey!!!  This month was no

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Approximately 8,660,00 individuals are currently struggling with a tobacco related illness…

Cigarette smoking remains the leading preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States, responsible for an estimated 443,000 deaths each year.  And for every one death, there are 20 people living with a smoking-related disease.  To quit smoking,

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Gain useful tools to bring about a lasting change to generations affected by mental health and substance use!

Hello Everyone!  The holidays are upon us! For most individuals the holidays are a time of family gatherings and celebrations! But for individuals affected by mental health/ addiction and for the people who love them this beautiful season can be one

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