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Dr. Gabor Mate Is Coming!!!

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Sunshine is found just above the clouds…much like love!!!

Okay! While at the water last week on my way back from Astoria I took a picture of the sun! Bless the Sun’s heart as it made great efforts to come out an image of a heart showed up!!! Wow

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Let’s welcome the holidays with compassion!

Hello Everyone, As the holidays near Grace On You LLC’s phone line is lighting up with requests from callers requesting practices to ease the pain of suffering from disappointment, heartbreak and the anxiety over what is or is not to

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Chicken Soup and the Stages of Change!

Had the grooviest Spanish Phase II group where members used flavors of food to describe the Stages of Change!!! Pre-contemplation was sour – like lime and perhaps even bile as they recalled the Knarliest of hangover were not enough to

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