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Accomplisher, Unificator, Creator!

Accomplisher, Unificator, Creator – AUC! This is my new Ethic Vision!!!  Thanks to Jim Jensen who presented Aspirational Ethics through Ranier Springs!!! Okay let me back up!!!  If you have not heard of Ranier Springs in Vancouver – You

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Gain useful tools to bring about a lasting change to generations affected by mental health and substance use!

Hello Everyone!  The holidays are upon us! For most individuals the holidays are a time of family gatherings and celebrations! But for individuals affected by mental health/ addiction and for the people who love them this beautiful season can be one

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Training Highlights for CDTCNW

So My Client is a Sex Offender? Legal definitions of a variety of sex crimes were reviewed.  It was agreed that we have a lot of questions and in some cases no answers. Some crimes are not diagnosable and some

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I Want To Feel Safe

Thank you so much to the 52 caring individuals who attended the Chemical Dependency Training Consortium of the NW on Chemical Dependency and Domestic Violence! Kevin Moore noted 8  individuals were from corrections!!! The difficult topic Domestic Violence was brought

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Grace On You Extends Beyond Our Self!

You know when you are in the Grace On You space when a wonderful Doctor like Dr. Karmanyos and a beautiful 83 year old homeless gentleman on the corner of the street pay you a compliment – and your heart

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Guadalupe Aragon
Grace On You

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Self Care Is Imperative For Caring Professionals