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Thank You Beautiful Evan

The third game of the playoffs found me with a friend at a local bar watching the Blazers among a room full of enthusiasts! The sounds quickly took over with cheering and delightful conversations coming from every part of the

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Sharing The Wealth!

  Sharing the wealth is essential to obtaining a Grace Filled Life after Addiction right?  Yes!  As Joe from Boston reached out to connect in an effort to help himself get his life on the path to sustained recovery Grace On

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Grace On You, LLC,My Grace Filled Life after Addiction has just launched three new educational trainings!

Flyer for CITO, Flyer for Mindful Smoking, Flyer for THC You can learn more by going to our Services Page!!!  Also – as you know I am technologically challenged so I have not learned how to embed the flyers so you can view them automatically!

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